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Ravyn’s parents are trapped in a magic mirror; her evil Aunt Zelera seized the crown, unleashing the Darkness to ravage the land of Aigerach.   Now…the witch wants her dead. 


What’s a girl green in the ways of magic going to do?


She’ll bring the Light back to Aigerach and return the crown to its rightful place on her father’s brow or she’ll die trying.


Anxious and alone, sixteen year-old Princess Ravyn sets out on a quest fraught with danger.  Armed with nothing but her newfound ability to manipulate the Light, a travel pack of supplies, a snippet of courage and the clothes on her back she sets out to eradicate the Darkness.


A beacon of hope in a dreary world, she draws others to her like a moth to a flame.  Connor, a Master of the Light, aims to steer Ravyn clear of the pitfalls of magic.  Blade, her best friend from childhood helps her escape Zelera’s clutches.  But has he stolen her heart?  Ravyn meets many colorful characters along the way – dragons, and harpies, and unicorns.  Oh my!  Be they friend or foe?


Empress Zelera harries Ravyn’s every step, laying deadly obstacles and traps at every turn.    Ravyn can stumble, she may even fall, but if she doesn’t get back up her world will never be the same again.


In this classic heroes journey magic is not always the cure for what ails you.  Ravyn may be naïve, but this spirited girl never claimed to be perfect, besides she’s Aigerach’s only hope.  

Copyright 2013 Millie Burns